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   Hi everyone and welcome to the start of a new experience in energizing your abilities. On this website you will find new and exciting information on how to enhance your knowledge about the human nervous system while you are improving those abilities to achieve a successful resolution. Our company called Multi Learning Solution (MLS) utilizes the most sophisticated technologies around to enhance and expand the human nervous system.The process we use is based on the theory of neuronal plasticity taking the brain to new heights and dimensions.  
  My name is Prof Rob and I am a special educator, and neuro-developmentalist.  who looks at abilities from a holistic perspective and improves upon them by getting to the cause of the problem and eliminating the symptoms for all times. I have improved conditions such as?


Learning Disabilities. 

Processing Disorders. 

Tourette Syndrome. 


group of disabled kids
Fragile X Williams Syndrome Stress Disorders. Depression Anxiety's. And a host of others with at least an 80% success rate. .I am a pioneer in the field with over thirty years experience along with having high credentials in the fields of education, neurology, psychology and behavior.

The reason I believe this is so important and why you as unique individuals should as well is that we can now expand and enhance  the brains awareness so any one can achieve sparks of genius in whatever they do in life.  In view of this what emerges is a new field of learning called neuro-developmental education.  In understanding this field we as individuals can achieve great purpose because we can channel components from various disciplines pertaining to the educational, behavioral, psychological and social nature of a person while giving the brain the ability to enhance,and expand itself towards greater reward and purpose.

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