Managing Unconscious Bias in the Dealership

In this interactive workshop, we make the diversity discussion practical by exploring both conscious and unconscious bias. Research shows that we all instinctively harbor biases based on our experiences, beliefs, values, and conditioning.  It’s a part of human nature, and in the dealership, we sometimes behave toward customers and fellow employees in a way that is based on those biases.

This workshop is designed to raise awareness of these biases and to provide tools, knowledge, and skills needed to manage them.

Listed below are Frequently Asked Questions, ( FAQ’s) about conducting this training at your dealership.

How do I set up Managing Unconscious Bias Training at my Dealership?

Email or call Dennis Walton, at Multi Learning Solutions at: or call (248) 358-6918.

Who should take Managing Unconscious Bias Training at my Dealership?

Whether you are in Sales, Service, or Support, developing an understanding of how to recognize and address our biases is essential for creating and maintaining a fair, respectful, and productive dealership environment

How is the program delivered?

There are 3 flexible options to take this training. Live In-person, Webinar, or E-learning. 

How many sessions can we provide at my dealership?

Up to 3 sessions can be conducted at your dealership.

How many participants can you have in each session?

There is a maximum of 25 participants for each session

How do we set up the training room?

A classroom setup works best with a TV equipped with an HDMI cord is all you need.

Does this course have uncomfortable or political content?

No, this course does not cover any political topics. It does, however, have lots of practical tips to manage bias. It is very interactive and allows for participants to learn from each other as well as the facilitator.

Do the participants have to bring anything to the session?

No, just an open mind.

How long are the sessions?

The sessions are 75 minutes in duration.

How will I know if the training was well-received?

The participants complete a training evaluation at the end of the session.  The results are tabulated in a report and returned to the dealership contact.

How is the training kept interesting?

Training is very interactive and engaging including breakout sessions for peer group discussion. The groups then communicate the topics back to the class


  • National Minority Supplier Development Council (NMSDC)
  • Women's Business Enterprise National Council (WBENC)
  • Woman Owned Small Business (WOSB)

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